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Mehr Details: 97. Berner Anästhesie Symposium

97. Berner Anästhesie Symposium

Auditorium Ettore Rossi,
21.02.2024, 17:00 - 20:00 Uhr


97. Berner Anästhesie-Symposium

Peri-operative optimization of outcomes in anesthesia

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2024, 17.00 - 20.00 Uhr

Dear colleagues,

The multi-modal anesthesia approach has clearly demonstrated progress in our patients’ outcomes.

Post-operative complications can be diminished by optimizing our management in the peri-operative period.

During this symposium, we will bring an update of the techniques and technologies used in the intra-operative phase in order to improve the outcomes of our patients.

This symposium will be divided in 2 parts: In the first part, both the regional and systemic approaches of the multi-modal anesthesia will be discussed. The second part will focus on the hemodynamic challenge to maintain normovolemia during the anesthesia.

For this evening of exchange and learning, we will be honored to welcome illustrious Professors dedicated in the amelioration of our peri-operative standard care.

Professor X. Capdevila is the Head of the department of anesthesia and intensive care of the University hospital of Montpellier in France. He was until recently the president of the French society of anesthesists and intensivists and is editor of numerous prestigious scientific journals. He leads a service being renowned as a reference center in Europe for loco-regional anesthesia and his talk will surely raise our interest in the new techniques used in the domain.

Professor H. Beloeil works at the department of anesthesia at the University hospital of Rennes in France. She has actively implemented the systemic multi-modal anesthesia in France and all over the world, especially with her amazing work on the OFA “opioid free anesthesia”. She is also an expert of the Dexmedetomidine. We are looking forward to hearing a refresh on the systemic approach of the multimodal anesthesia.

Professor M. Cannesson leads his own laboratory research at the department of anesthesia and peri-operative medicine in the Medical school of the University of California UCLA, USA. His actual work is focusing on developing tests and monitoring to predict physiological instability in surgical patients. He will give us an update of the tools we can use to improve the peri-operative hemodynamic management.

I will be presenting the results of a recent research conducted at the department of anesthesia and pain medicine at the Inselspital on the fluid therapies to combat hypovolemia in major hemorrhage situations, comparing albumin solutions and Ringer-lactate, and presenting interesting hemodynamic outcomes and cardio-vascular biomarkers.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to this exciting symposium where the recent peri-operative techniques and technologies will be presented to optimize our patients’ outcomes.

Dr. med. François Jardot

The symposium is recognized by the SSAPM with 3 credits.

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