94. Berner Anästhesie-Symposium

Multi – Modal Anaesthesia

Wednesday, May 24th 2023, 5 pm - 8 pm

Dear colleagues,

In the face off pressing problems like the opioid crisis and increasing evidence that opioid overdose in an anesthesia may lead to chronic postoperative pain and respiratory emergencies, the anesthesiology-community is under pressure to find new ways of providing surgical anesthesia and analgesia.

One of the possible solutions appears to be multi-modal anesthesia and analgesia. In the debate about including preemptive regional analgesia, ketamine, dexmedetomidine and other co-analgetic drugs, it seems that nearly messianic hopes are entertained about opioid-sparing anaesthesia. Hence, it is time to evaluate what opioid-sparing, multimodal, anesthesia can and cannot do. It seems timely to engage in an evaluation of current practices and the pertaining literature. Apart from clinical application it is necessary to evaluate the practice in a neuroscientific framework. This means discussing issues like neural plasticity and subjective consciousness in the context of anesthesia and analgesia. Some of these most neuroscientific issues will be presented in a workshop before the mini symposium. All presentations will be recorded and made accessible.

We are very happy to have invited faculty both national and international to engage us in learning and debate about multimodal anesthesia. With this, we cordially invite you to come to Bern and engage in this discussion.

Dr. med. Friedrich Lersch

The symposium is recognized by the SSAPM with 3 credits.