Anaesthetic Pharmacology

Head of the project:
PD Dr. Martin Luginbühl

The Smart-Pilot View is a pharmacologic drug display were predicted or measured concentrations of propofol, volatile anaesthetics, nitrous oxide and opiods are presented in relation to interaction isoboles. The combined potency of these drugs is also presendted as Noxious Stimulus Response Index (NSRI), which is related to the potency of the drug combination to suppress response to laryngoscopy. Several interaction studies have been conducted in collaboration with the Departments of Anesthesia at Gent University (B) and at Groningen University Medical Center (NL).


Prof. Dr. M. Struys, Department of Anaesthesia at Gent University (B)
Hugo Vereecke, MD PhD, Hans Proost, PhD, University Medical Center Groningen (NL)
Jürgen Manigel and co-workers, Dräger Medical, Lübeck (D)


Unrestricted educational grant by Dräger Medical, Lübeck (D)


Loreen Errass, CRNA