Director and Head of Department

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Stüber


Head of Research

PD Dr. med. Markus Lüdi


Our Mission

With anaesthesiology and surgery evolving interdependently, it is important to understand how patients’ risk factors and physiological responses affect and are affected by surgical interventions. Our aim in the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine is to define the best practices for personalised perioperative patient care, with basic science as a foundation and translational medicine as our vision for the future.

Reflecting the definition of anaesthesiology as a field of collaborative perioperative medicine, our scientific investigations cover a wide range of research topics, including airway management, anaesthetic pharmacology, cardiac anaesthesia, clinical and molecular pain research, emergency medicine, genetics and molecular biology, medical education, pain medicine, perioperative optimisation for major urological surgery, and the respiratory system.

Our goal is to significantly contribute to precision medicine in anaesthesiology and perioperative care, both nationally and internationally. As devoted acute care physicians and scientists, we support the Bern University Hospital’s vision of becoming the leading Swiss university hospital.

Our research division supports a professional data life cycle management team under the leadership of PD Dr. Andreas Vogt, MD, enabling us to comply with cantonal, federal and international standards and laws relevant to medical research. An excellent team of study nurses, a medical editor, as well as technical and IT specialists provide essential support for successful projects.

Research Data Life Cycle Management

The Research Data Management group supports members of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine who need assistance in managing data and complying with regulatory requirements both in Switzerland and abroad.

Data is managed using LabKey Server ( and REDCap ( The group provides user support, technical support and training.

Andreas Vogt, PD Dr. med.
Head and Coordinator


Michèle Monnard, MA UZH
Administration and User Support

Lars Wenzel, MAS IT
Technical Support

Medical Writer

Most of the medical research performed in the world is published in English. The Inselspital’s Anaesthesiology Department employs a native English-speaking medical editor who helps its primarily German-speaking researchers meet the requirements of scientific publishers.

Study Nurses

Our study nurses work closely with investigators to prepare for and carry out research on a broad range of topics. In studies involving patients they coordinate the collection and recording of patient data, for example by screening patients, providing information about study goals and procedures, obtaining consent for study participation, administering questionnaires, maintaining equipment, drawing blood, and recording measurements.

Béatrice Kobel

Maren Loosli

Sarah Overney

Celine Riecker



Luise Pfluger